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What happens if a pool is too full?

If a pool is too full, it can put added stress on the pool structure and the surrounding area. A pool that is overfilled can cause the water to spill over the sides, potentially causing damage to the pool deck and surrounding landscaping. Additionally, an overfilled pool can also put added pressure on the pool’s plumbing and filtration system, which can cause leaks or other issues.

The overfilled pool also can cause problems in the pool’s skimmer and return lines, which can lead to poor water circulation and an increased risk of algae growth. Furthermore, the increased water weight can cause a structural failure in the pool or the surrounding deck, which can be dangerous and costly to repair.

It is important to regularly check the pool’s water level and adjust as necessary to ensure that the pool is not overfilled. A pool’s water level should be kept at the appropriate level, usually around halfway up the skimmer or tile line.